The Hardest Thing About Blogging


Starting a blog? Well that's pretty easy these days.

Blogging regularly? I hear that it can be hard to find the time.

Knowing what to write about? That can seem difficult but here’s a list of blog ideas to help.

Nope, for some, the hardest thing about blogging is actually sitting down and actually writing. Pen on paper, fingers on a keyboard. It’s shutting out all the voices - your peers, the critics, your old boss, the judgemental sister-in-law and your ex-partner and instead concentrating on saying something you think your audience would like to hear from you. Sounds so easy doesn't it?.  

It's like you’re having a nice, easy chat with someone over coffee, someone who needs your help or is interested in your 'thing' (whatever your ‘thing' is….hand carved wooden breadboards, chiropractor, web design, silver jewellery....whatever). Conversation flows, you are genuinely really interested in them and they are interested in you. It’s easy and if they buy your thing - great! If they don’t buy your thing, that's okay - they might buy your thing later or tell others about your thing, and anyway, you know there are people out there who really do want your thing plus you had a nice chat and a double mocha latte.

Now, imagine that same scene but you’re in a television studio and this is going out live to the nation and there’s going to be a vote on how professional, trustworthy, intelligent and interesting you come across and a separate opinion poll on what they think of your hair, your accent and that tattoo on your wrist you had done at a drunken music festival. For some, you will to lose the ability to speak or think or breathe. For others, this can the best time you ever had. 

Going online, can feel a bit like that. 

For some quieter souls, we like getting to know about others, about their work and how things are going. About hopes and plans and what challenges you have. As a small business myself and a bit of an introvert, I really understand how overwhelming getting online can seem and that you don’t feel you’ve got enough time to do it all (no-one has!). But I do believe having a great website alongside a strategic plan can transform your business, saving you time and energy so you can concentrate on doing what you’re best at.

I’m an artist as well and see so much good work….great work - but it’s going unnoticed because people don’t know where to start. The demands for small businesses to get online is huge and, in true supply and demand fashion, there are so many channels and solutions out there, it can be hard just knowing which ones are right for you. I’d love to help and create a road map to guide you, getting to know you and your business. To build a site for you, watch you take it over, implement your strategy and see the results. I’m a weird mixture of geeky and creative and I love learning about all this because the landscape keeps shifting and it feels like a really interesting time to be a small business. We have so many more options these days we forget how amazing the internet really is.

If you want to have a friendly, informal chat, do get in touch.

Emma George