Squarespace - Change Of Address Checklist

I've had two clients who recently who moved location and reached out to update their websites.

It's surprising how many things you to have to remember to do; there are settings in the backend of Squarespace to change, there are SEO considerations, there maybe address/location references on your website pages as well as other non-Squarespace things to change as well.

Settings to update/check in Squarespace

These are the back-end settings you need to consider/check. Some of these may not be relevant, it depends if you have included your location (eg. town or city) in any descriptions. All are worth checking.

Back-End Settings

  • Site Title

  • Business Information

  • Basic information

  • SEO settings

  • Page Descriptions

  • Page Titles

On-Page Changes

  • Read through every page on your site and see if anything needs changing

  • Are there any map blocks on your site? Edit these with the new address

  • Is your address in the footer

  • Check your Contact Page

Now, check these to make sure you have updated all other relevant settings

  • Check you Mobile Information Bar

  • Check your e-commerce email notifications

  • Check your social media sharing logo.

  • Run the Facebook Debugger Tool to ensure any changes are picked up

Next Steps

  • Re-index your site with Google using Google Search Console will ensure your changes are recognised by Google as soon as possible.

  • Put a blog post up

  • Announce on social media

Other Things To Consider

  • Do you have any printable PDFs on your site

  • Mailchimp

  • Check your social media accounts

  • Business Cards

  • Letterheads & Leaflets

  • Update your Google Your Business profile

  • Bank accounts

  • Stripe account

  • Paypal account

Emma George