Preparing Images For Your Website

How To Prepare Images For Your Squarespace Website

To ensure faster loading of your website and increased visibility in search engines, it is important to prepare your images before uploading them to your site.

Name Your Images

File names should be lowercase - only letters and numbers, and any spaces should be replaced by a hyphen. Search engines rely on the filename to identify what the image is about, so make it descriptive. Eg.  students-on-painting-workshop.jpg

Optimise Your Images

Know your image size. Image files from cameras are generally too large to upload directly to your site. So you need to work out a system to optimise (ie. reduce file size without losing quality) that’s quick and easy to do.

Squarespace recommended that you resize your images to 1500px wide with a file size of no larger than 500kb before uploading them to your site. You can do this using Photoshop, but my favourite program is JPEGmini. This resizes and optimises images with just a couple of clicks, reducing the file size without losing quality. Used by many professional photographers, it costs about £40 but it does have a free trial version which lets you optimise 200 photos, this may be plenty enough for you to start with. Other free options include

You can read more about preparing your images for your website in the Squarespace Help Centre.

Emma George