30 Blog Post Ideas For Creatives


Here’s a quick list if you’re stuck wondering what to write about on your blog…

  1. Tell the story behind a favourite piece of work.

  2. Share a behind the scenes of a project you’re working on

  3. An artist that inspires you and why

  4. Say more about a favourite quote of yours

  5. Tell the story of how and why you got started

  6. Talk about your favourite supplies

  7. What’s the most moving comment you ever got about your work

  8. Talk about an influential teacher and the lesson they taught you

  9. Describe what inspires you

  10. What questions do your customers often ask about you or your work?

  11. Explain a common confusion about your work, or the medium you work in.

  12. Write an opinion piece about something you feel strongly about in relation to your work/field

  13. Share a list of useful resources

  14. Write a beginners guide to...

  15. Describe your creative process

  16. Lessons you have learned as an artist/creative

  17. Write about an early success and what it meant to you

  18. Write about a technique that you’ve mastered

  19. How you come up with your ideas for paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, etc.

  20. Influential places you have travelled to

  21. Write a step-by-step tutorial

  22. Your favorite websites

  23. Share a funny story

  24. Share a goal or aspiration you have for the future.

  25. How you organise your studio

  26. Talk about the pricing of your work

  27. Share advice for emerging and aspiring artists/designers/creatives

  28. How do you choose a title for your work?

  29. What’s your favourite tool or technique?

  30. What do you listen to when you’re working?

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