Squarespace Website Design & Product Photography covering The Scottish Borders, Northumberland and The North East



Hello there, welcome to my studio.

I'm Emma and I work with smart, creative, inspiring people to build an online presence that truly reflects who they are and what they do. 

You’re here to make money of course, but whatever business you are in - if you believe being authentic, creative and person centred are some of the secrets of success, we'll probably get along. 

It’s a brave new digital world out there that can quickly overwhelm and confuse the best of us. I'll help you navigate it with purpose and clarity, we’ll partner together and get clear about what you want your website to do for you and how to best achieve it.

So, if your website no longer expresses who you are and what you do...

You've had it for years....and either you didn't have the time to design it right in the first place or you've taken your business to a whole new level.

Or are you excitedly launching a new venture?

You know you've got to have a great website....but you've absolutely no idea where to start or you've researched till the cows come home but are more confused and overwhelmed than ever.

Have you ever apologised about your website when giving out your card because you know they'll check you out online? 

Either you have an old, dated site....that doesn't reflect what you do and definitely doesn't bring you any new business or you don't even have a site!

Whatever your situation, if it's holding you back isn't it time to change all that?

Your website is a declaration to the world...
what do you want yours to say?

I started my career in Information Technology (this was back in the day when a computer was the size of my car). I’ve been a photographer, a life coach, an event organiser, was a girl-friday at a Portuguese health retreat, had sporadic success as a tortured artist and helped my mum run her insanely busy coastal pub.

I naturally gravitate towards artists, designers, creatives and business owners with a big heart and passion for their work. Collaboration, community and creativity are my guideposts and I believe the more digital our communications are, the more human our conversations need to be. I won’t sell you things you don’t need and I get a real kick out of watching my clients succeed and grow.

I work from my studio in the beautiful Scottish Borders town of Kelso and I’m always looking for other creative professionals to collaborate with, so feel free to get in touch.